Softwiring & Cable Management

Keep your cables under control with our range of softwiring and cable management systems. From our cable basket systems to our screen power poles, our range of cable management systems will easily de-clutter and clear up much needed desk space. Also, easily add power, USB and Ethernet outlets to your desk or workstations with the tiered baskets. Get organised today with our entire range of softwiring and cable managements systems!

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  • Dual Tier Cable Basket 2 Gpo 2 Data Provision

    From $139.00
  • Dual Tier Cable Basket 4 Gpo 2 Data Provision

    From $148.00
  • FDB Screen Power Pole

    From $269.00
  • AMAA - Atom USB Charging Module

    Atom USB Charging Module

  • Blinky Recessed Charging Module

    From $179.00
  • KUG15U - Konexus

    KonexUS Module Gen 2 Charging Outlet

    From $125.00
  • CPU60 - CPU Holder

    CPU60 PC Holder

  • EC01G15 - Echo

    Echo Fast-Charge Module

    From $86.00
  • Echo Wireless Charger

  • OD04U2AC3G15 - Odyssey

    Odyssey Charging Hub

    From $215.00
  • PU01RUG15 -Pop-Up 1

    Pop-Up Charging Module

    From $109.00
  • QU003-15WT - Quantum Series Boost Wireless Charging Pad

    Quantum Boost Wireless Charger


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