In-desk Charging

Whether you’re after a traditional in-desk charging or something more contemporary and modern, we’ve got you covered at FDB Office Furniture. Our extensive range of in-desk charging solutions means that we can cater to a wide range of office workspaces, commercial spaces, industry sectors and working environments.

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  • AMAA - Atom USB Charging Module

    Atom USB Charging Module

  • Blinky Recessed Charging Module

    From $146.00
  • KUG15U - Konexus

    KonexUS Module Gen 2 Charging Outlet

    From $96.00
  • EC01G15 - Echo

    Echo Fast-Charge Module

    From $65.00
  • Echo Wireless Charger

  • OD04U2AC3G15 - Odyssey

    Odyssey Charging Hub

    From $174.00
  • PU01RUG15 -Pop-Up 1

    Pop-Up Charging Module

    From $86.00
  • QU003-15WT - Quantum Series Boost Wireless Charging Pad

    Quantum Boost Wireless Charger


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